Li Ningmin & Wang Laiquan: GANSU SANJIAN FOJIAO SHIKE ZAOXIANG DIAOCHA YU YANJIU: TIANSHUI JUAN. (Investigation and Research into Stone Buddha Images Removed from Sites in Gansu Province: The Tianshui Caves). Beijing, 2018. iv, 4, 226 pp. Colour plates throughout. 29x21 cm. Boards.
GBP 80.00
Visual survey of Buddhist statuary that was originally in the Tianshui Buddhist caves in China's Gansu province and which has now been dispersed elsewhere, mostly to other museum collections, large and small, also in Gansu province. The statuary mainly dates from the Northern Dynasties, in particular, Northern Zhou and Northern Wei, plus a few Sui dynasty examples. All illustrated in colour and well described. Includes both statuary and stelae with inscribed texts. In Chinese.
Subjects: Sculpture Buddhist Art
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