Li Chongfeng: FOJIAO KAOGU: CONG YINDU DAO ZHONGGUO. Buddhist Archaeology: From India to China. Shanghai, 2014. 4, 4, 934 pp. 4 pp. colour illustrations, numerous b/w text illustrations and drawings. 2 vols. 27x19 cm. Wrappers.
GBP 200.00
Interesting two-volume work on the transmission of Buddhism from India into China based on the archaeological record. Part One: Hinduka: The Origin of Buddhist Art; Part Two: Kucina: The Intermediate Phase between the Buddhist Art of Hinduka and China Proper; Part Three: North China: The Sinicizing Process of Buddhist Art; Part Four: Sichuan and Yunnan: Epilogue of the Sinicizing Process of Buddhist Art; Part Five: Historical Data and Remains: A Perspective on the Sino-Indian Cultural Exchange. Detailed list of contents and a number of the chapters in English. Main text in Chinese. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Buddhism Archaeology
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