Kamisaka, Sekka: SHIMA SHIMA. (Decorative Papers for Poetry). Kyoto, n.d. (1901) Vol. I: 2 colour and 30 b/w full page original woodblock prints. 31x21 cm. Stitched. Japanese style. Woodblock printed covers.
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Shimashima or shikishi is a Japanese paper often used to inscribe poems for presentation. The title of this work was given as 'Picture Cards' in the catalogue of the 2003 Kamisaka Sekka retrospective held at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama but this title totally understates the subtlety, elegance and accomplishment of this (when complete) two-volume work. It seems that this was one of the first works which Sekka undertook on his own. He uses his brilliant and ever-evolving grasp of design to here explore the medium of the decorative poetry paper employing a range of traditional imagery and more innovative near- abstract design forms. Comprises a total of two full page colour and 30 full page black-and-white designs. VOLUME ONE ONLY. To complete this work, a second volume with a further 30 full page black-and-white designs is needed. Inscription in German on the cover.
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