Kamakura Treasure Hall ed: KAMAKURA KOKUHOKAN ZUROKU: CHOKOKU HEN 1-3. (Illustrated Catalogue of the Kamakura Treasure Hall: Sculpture 1-3). (Kamakura), 1953, 54 & 55. 2, 30; 2, 30; 2, 30 pp. A total of 45 full page b/w plates. 3 vols. 36x27 cm. Paper.
GBP 60.00
Volumes 1-3 of the superb collection of kamakura period sculpture (1185-1333 AD) held in the Kamakura Treasure Hall in Kamakura near Tokyo. It seems that a couple of subsequent volumes were issued later. Shows 15 sculptures per volume, each illustrated by a large full page black-and-white plate and described in an adjacent leaf. A total of 45 plates. Caption to each plate in English. Main text in Japanese. A scarce documentation.
Subjects: Sculpture
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