Krahe, Cinta: CHINESE PORCELAIN IN HABSBURG SPAIN. Madrid, 2016. 600 pp. 345 colour illus. 29x18 cm. Boards.
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A very welcome and interesting contribution exploring the trade in Chinese porcelain from China to Spain in the 16th and 17th centuries. Details of this trade have long been unclear and this work does much to help clarify. In sections as follows: Two Empires Meet; By Land and Sea: The Spanish Trade in Chinese Porcelain; Chinese Porcelain in Spanish Hands: Royals, Nobles and Commoners; Examining the Evidence: Extant Pieces, Shards and Paintings. There then follow extensive appendices, in particular, one of 200 pages: Chinese Porcelain and other Orientalia and Exotica in Spanish Archives.
Subjects: Ceramics Trade
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