Kyoto Exhibition Company ed: TAITEN KINEN KYOTO HAKURANKAI DAISAN KAIJO CHINRETSUHIN SOMOKU. (A Full Commemorative Record of the Exhibits in the Third Exhibition Hall of the 1915 Kyoto Exhibition). Kyoto, 1926. 106 pp. text volume plus 4 volumes b/w plates each c. 200 pp. Full page b/w collotype plates throughout these 4 vols. 5 vols. 27x19 cm. Paper. Stitched paper covers with ribbon ties. Chitsu case.
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One of a series of national-level exhibitions held in Kyoto organized and sponsored by the Kyoto Exhibition Company. These exhibitions showcased Japanese economic and cultural achievements. It seems that this exhibition was timed to be held as part of the celebrations to commemorate the coronation of the Taisho emperor in the city in 1915. The Third Exhibition Hall contained art objects. The majority of the items were Japanese and showed superb and rarely-seen objects from the earliest times through to the Meiji period. Included loans from the Imperial Household collections, national treasures, treasures from temples and private collections. Moreover, one of the rooms was devoted to Chinese art and showed predominantly Chinese paintings together with some bronzes and other objects. In addition, an 'Exceptional Room' contained a selection of bronze mirrors, many of which appear to be Tang dynasty. The Chinese art all very fine and from Japanese collections as mentioned before. A large and fine five-volume publication comprising a paper text volume listing all the exhibits and then four volumes of black-and-white full page collotype plates illustrating the objects. Text in Japanese. This appears to be the 11th printing done in 1926. Given the size and complexity (and, no doubt, cost) of the work, one must assume that only a number of copies were printed at any one time and reprinted when there was sufficient demand. In fine condition. Rare. The first time we have handled this work.
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