Kwan, Simon et al: BRUSH AND CLAY. Chinese Porcelain of the Early 20th Century. Hong Kong, 2003. 469 pp. 165 colour plates, many text-illustrations, some in colour. 29x23 cm. Cloth.
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The most outstanding feature of porcelain decoration of this period is the predominance of painting with enamels. It was also one of the only times in the history of Chinese ceramics when the artists signed their work. This exhibition features 165 items from the Simon Kwan collection - ceramic plaques with landscape painting, birds and flower scenes, figurative painting. Vases and bowls with varied decoration. Many exquisite pieces. Includes biographies of many of the painters. The standard reference on the subject in what is now a keenly-collected field. Illustrated throughout in colour and with a dual text in English and Chinese. 2003 reprint produced in a limited quantity. This copy less than half the usual price due to the text block detaching from the covers.
Subjects: Ceramics
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