Komai, K. & Sekino Tadashi: HAN-TAN: EXCAVATION AT THE RUINS OF THE CAPITAL OF CHAO. In the Contending States Period. Archaeologia Orientalis, Series B, Vol. 7. Tokyo, 1954. ix, 45 pp. English & vii, 112 pp. Japanese text. 30 plates, 20 text-figures. Map. 26x19 cm. Half-cloth.
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A comprehensive account of the excavation carried out in 1940. The authors conclude that there are in fact two sites, one dating from the Warring States period, and a smaller one of Han date. Han-Tan (or Handan as it is now written in pinyin) is located in the southwest of Hebei province and has a long and ancient histoyr. It was the capital of the Chao (now Zhao) kingdom. A scarce excavation report.
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