Keller, D. & Schorta, R. ed: FABULOUS CREATURES FROM THE DESERT SANDS. Central Asian Woollen Textiles from the Second Century BC to the Second Century AD. Riggisberger Berichte 10. Riggisberg, 2001. 156 pp. Colour and b/w illustrations. Text drawings. 31x23 cm. Paper.
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To accompany the exhibition Fabulous Creatures from the Desert Sands: Central Asian Textiles from 2000 Years Ago, held at the Abegg-Stiftung Institute in Riggisberg, Switzerland. Excavated at Shanpula near Khotan in south-west Xinjiang, these textiles, made of wool, silk, cotton, felt and leather, are of exceptional importance and will occupy scholars' attention for years to come. Nothing remotely similar has yet been found at any other Central Asian site. The textiles exhibit a mix of West Asian and steppe elements and emphasise the role of textiles in cultural exchange between Asia and China. The catalogue has contributions from leading experts; Bunker, De Graaf, Keller, Knaller, Schorta, van Bommel, Wang Bo and Xiao Xiaoyong. Important. See also the catalogue: Shanpula.
Subjects: Textiles Archaeology
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