JAPAN PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM WITH LACQUER COVERS. N.p. n.d. (1890s). 53 hand-coloured and black-and-white photographs mounted in album. 27x32 cm. Lacquer boards. Leather spine, detaching and with much wear.
GBP 1,800.00
Souvenir album of 53 photographs, the majority hand-coloured, a few black-and-white, of Japan dating from the 1890s. The last three black-and-white photographs, of a similar size, show scenes in Canada. Each photograph measures c. 20x26 cm. Eight of the Japanese photographs are untitled showing: a waterfall, a boat, Nagasaki harbour, Mt. Fuji, a rickshaw, and 3 showing Japanese girls.
The remainder have the following titles on the image margin.
Entrance to Nagasaki Harbour
Entrance to Nagasaki Harbour (different view)
Harbour, Nagasaki
Entrance to Shinto Temple, Nagasaki
100-Steps Temple Osuwa
Osuwa Temple, Nagasaki
Cherry Blossom Osuwa Park
Road to Mogi (Tagami)
Road to Mogi (Tagami) (different view)
Road to Mogi (near a bamboo grove)
Road to Mogi, Bamboo Garden
80 Harbour, Mogi
Main Street Nagasaki
145 Harbour Mogi
143 Shimonoseki Choshu (Harbour Scene)
142 Shimonoseki Choshu (View of the Bay)
B72 Matsushima, Inland Sea (Three View in Japan) Part I
82B Inland Sea
A428 Inland Sea to Bingo
A426 Inland Sea at Bingo (different view)
No. 408 Fujikawa
9?? Fuji from Oh?ma
No. 182B. Mississipi-bay, Yokohama
No. 146B Yokohama
No. 103 Yokohama
74B Street of Yokohama
1006 Main St of Yokohama
310 Creek Side Yokohama
No. 339 Yokohama
A715 Yomeimon Gate at Nikko
715 Yomeimon Gate at Nikko
760 Horimono at Nikko
750 Sacred Bridge at Niki
745 Imaichi Road Nikko
1117 Yumoto
1119 Yudaki Falls at Yumoto
No. 111B Chiuzenji Lake
No. 129B Chiuzenji Lake (different view)
No. 290 Bridge (Made from a Tree) Near Chusenji
1113 Rinzu Falls at Chuzenji
1016 Rice Planting
Following are three black-and-white photographs taken in Canada
1250 Stoney Creek Bridge, Selkirks
629 Glacier Hotel and Glacier, Selkirks
Untitled photograph of railway, forest and mountain in Canada
The last photograph of a Japanese scene: Shiwomi-Saki, Mogi.
The photographs generally in good to fine condition, the very occasional small mark and occasional grubbiness on the surrounding paper.
The album has black lacquer covers painted with a dull gilt cherry tree showing a section of trunk, branches, leaves and blossoms. Appliqued in bone, mother-of-pearl and metal are birds, leaves and chrysanthemum flowers. The covers somewhat loose. Leather spine worn and is detaching.
Subjects: Photography
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