JAPAN PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM. N.p. n.d. (1890s). 26 hand-coloured photographs mounted in album. 27x36 cm. Boards. Leather spine with wear.
GBP 750.00
Souvenir album of 26 hand-coloured photographs of Japan dating from the 1890s. Each photograph measures 21x27 cm. The photographs have the following content and titles:
Miyazima, Aki (view of cherry blossoms, temple building and pagoda); B17 Kamakura (tree-lined avenue leading to temple); A413 (no title). Shows 3 Japanese ladies in kimonos crossing a bridge over a stream; B811 View of Inland Sea; A69 Japanis Room; B277 Ikuta Temple, Kobe; B808 View of Matsushima; A229 Cherry Blossoms Park; A384 (no title) Shows 3 Japanese ladies in kimonos with parasols in a garden setting; 511 Daibutu Kamakura (The Great Buddha); 6 Bamboo-Yard, Kioto; ?? Hashiyama Hozugawa, Kioto; B156 View of Enoshima; A338 (no title) Shows two Japanese ladies in a garden building with chrysanthemums; A66 Japanis Room; A29 Fishing; Untitled and unnumbered. Shows small temple buildings amidst pines; A41 Vegetables-Seller; 77 Dotonbori Osaka; A226 Cherry-Blossoms Park; Title unclear. Shows two ladies in traditional dress strolling through a garden; 251. Onomichi, Bingo. (View of bay, boats and small town); A231 Cherry-Blossoms Park; B820 View of Inland Sea; Title unclear. View of buildings of small village with river and hills beyond; B16. Kamakura; B4. Castle of Nagoya.
The photographs in fine condition, the very occasional small mark. The album has a worn leather spine with gilt. The covers are plain cardboard, the leather covers appear to have been removed.
Subjects: Photography
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