JIANGXI LIANHUA LUOHAN SHAN XIHAN ANCHENG HOU MU. (The Western Han Tomb of the Duke of Ancheng Located at Lianhua Luohan Mountain in Jiangxi Province). Shanghai, 2017. ii, 5, 93 pp. text plus 77 pp. colour plates. Numerous b/w text drawings. 29x21 cm. Boards.
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Excavation report of a Western Han dynasty tomb of a nobleman found in China's Jiangxi province. The main finds were extensive amounts of pottery (many bearing impressed designs) together with a gold seal and small pieces of metalwork and bronze, including weaponry. Many of the more interesting examples of the pottery (vases and other types of container) have been reconstructed and a large selection here illustrated. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology Ceramics
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