Jie Qing & Deng Xin ed: JIANTUOLUO ZAOXIANG YISHU ZHI MEI. (The Beauty and Art of Gandharan Sculpture). Hangzhou, 2016. 239 pp. Colour and b/w plates throughout, many full page. 31x23 cm. Cloth.
GBP 150.00
Seems to have been produced to accompany an exhibition of Gandharan sculpture at the Zhengci Daoist Temple in Hangzhou, China. However, whether the sculptures shown are from the temple's collection or from private collections is unclear. 64 very fine and beautiful examples of Gandharan sculpture are illustrated with dual text descriptions in Chinese and English. Includes figures of Buddha and Bodhisattvas, other statuary and numerous interesting sculptural reliefs. Introductory texts in Chinese only. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Buddhist Art Sculpture
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