Jiang Qingqing: XIANCHUN LIN'AN ZHI SONG BAN JINGCHENG SI TU FUYUAN YANJIU. (Research into the 'The Four Maps of the Capital' from the Song Dynasty Xianchun Period Work: 'Annals of Lin'an'). Shanghai, 2015. 41, 6, 5, 4, 4, 6, 477 pp. A few b/w text illustrations. 4 b/w folding maps. 24x17 cm. Wrappers.
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Discussion and research into four extremely rare southern Song woodblock-printed maps contained in the 'Lin'an Zhi' (Annals of Lin'an), Lin'an being the name of the southern Song capital we know today as Hangzhou. The work was written at the end of the dynasty during the Xianchun reign (1265-1274 AD) by Qian Yueyou. The four maps entitled: 'Huangcheng Tu' (Map of the Imperial City), 'Jingcheng Tu' (Map of the Capital), 'Xihu Tu' (Map of West Lake) and 'Zhejiang Tu' (Map of Zhejiang). Facsimile foldout reproductions of the four maps. In Chinese.
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