Jiang Tao ed: LIANG YU CANG ZHEN: ZHANGUO PIAN CHU SHI. Fine Chinese Jades from the Brian Li Collection (Warring States Period and Chu-Style Jades). Beijing, 2018. 164 pp. Colour plates throughout. B/w reproductions of rubbings showing designs on the jades. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
GBP 95.00
A focussed work showing 64 jades dating from the Warring States period. The jades generally small and include finely-carved bi discs and ornaments with dragon and bird designs, a few human figures etc. Accompanied by illustrations of rubbings which clarify the designs on the jades. The collection presumably held in China. The jades all illustrated in colour, many in multiple views and showing close-up detail. In Chinese.
Subjects: Jade
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