Ishida, Mosaku: YASUDA BUNKO KOKYO SEIKAN. (An Appreciation of the Ancient Scrolls in the Collection of Yasuda Zenjiro). Tokyo, 1952. 82 pp. text and 295 pp. b/w plates. 3 vols. 40x32 cm. Cloth, cloth case.
GBP 170.00
Catalogue of the manuscript copies and early printed editions of Buddhist scriptures collected by Yasuda Zenjiro (1879-1936). 281 full page black-and-white show Japanese Buddhist manuscripts and sutras dating from the Nara period to the Edo with a large amount of early material. There are also 12 plates showing Chinese printed editions (10 Song and 2 Yuan) and 2 plates showing Korean printed work. In Japanese. An important and very scarce reference.
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