Our bi-monthly catalogues are also available for download as pdf (portable document format) files from the web site.

Our last regular list, number 198, was posted 3 March 2020; please scroll down if necessary to show the link.

Please note: the links below should trigger downloads of approximately 1-3 Mb each for the main lists.

At the request of a number of customers, from list 122 on we have made two regional-interest subsets of the main list available in pdf form - a Japanese interest sublist, and a list of items that are not primarily China- or Japan-related (i.e. Korea, SE Asia, Central and South Asia, etc.) The item numbers in these lists are the same as the item numbers in the main list. Please use these numbers when ordering. Note that these lists do not have all the editorial niceties of the main list.

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Hanshan Tang catalogue covers


NB: Full lists are c. 1-3 Mb downloads;
special interest lists are 100-200 Kb.

Download list 198 pdf

LIST 198.
special sections:
Furniture & Japanese Ceramics.

LIST 198 ji Japanese interest only (13 pp).

LIST 198 ai not China or Japan (5 pp).

Download list 197 pdf

LIST 197.
special sections:
Ceramics & Scholar's Studio.

LIST 197 ji Japanese interest only (6 pp).

LIST 197 ai not China or Japan (8 pp).

Download list 196 pdf

LIST 196.
special sections:
Travel & 20th c. Chinese Painting.

LIST 196 ji Japanese interest only (9 pp).

LIST 196 ai not China or Japan (10 pp).

Download list 195 pdf

LIST 195.
special section:

LIST 195 ji Japanese interest only (10 pp).

LIST 195 ai not China or Japan (8 pp).

We have pdf versions of catalogues from list 120 onwards and including the 900-item stock list we produced to coincide with this list. To receive the pdf version of these earlier catalogues, please contact us by email.

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