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Setting out the stall HANSHAN TANG BOOKS
is the West's foremost bookseller specializing in the Art of East Asia, South East Asia and Central Asia.

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Our site is updated with a new set of records six times a year, roughly every two months, corresponding with the publication of our regular printed lists. From List 141 on, we added a note of each book's last appearance in a printed catalogue to our online records. (You will see a note of the form: "Was item XX in printed List XX.") You can now also search the site by item and list number. See the Search page for details.

In our area of expertise we stock antiquarian, new and secondhand books, and other documentation, in any language. Since we like to keep abreast of our field and because we are constantly buying high quality, scholarly libraries, we also have a strong stock of area and cultural studies titles for the region. We work mainly by mail order. You are welcome to our London offices, but are advised to make an appointment. We may not always be in, and we do warehouse some stock, so if there are things in which you are particularly interested, they may need to be fetched.