Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology: ZHENGZHOU SHANGCHENG: 1953-1985 NIAN KAOGU FAJUE BAOGAO. The Site of Shang Dynasty City in Zhengzhou: A Report on the 1953-1985 Excavations. Beijing, 2001. 67, 1-600; 601-1058 pp.; 11 pp., 48 pp. of colour and 280 pp. of b/w plates. Text figures, drawings and tables throughout the text volumes. 3 vols. 26x19 cm. Cloth.
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Official report of the crucially important excavations of the early Shang city (the earliest with rammed city walls) near Zhengzhou, famous for its wonderful bronzes of the Erligang period, not to mention jades and ceramics. 5-page abstracts in English and Japanese, otherwise Chinese only.
Subjects: Archaeology Bronzes
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