He Shen & Liang Guozhi: QINDING REHE ZHI: JIAODIAN BEN. (Imperially Commissioned Gazetteer of Chengde: Edited and Punctuated Edition). Tianjin, 2002. Various paginations of folded leaves, Chinese-style. 120 juan in 20 ce and 2 han. Many b/w reproductions of woodcut illustrations of (chiefly) landscapes and maps. 20 vols. 29x18 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
GBP 250.00
The culmination of many years work and originally published as part of the celebrations for the 300th anniversary of the establishment of the imperial resort at Chengde, this is an edited and re-set edition of the rare gazetteer or local history of Chengde and environs commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor. It is a major primary resource for the study of the area and its monuments, and for Qing-period and Manchu history more broadly. This edition is now out of print, but we have managed to obtain a number of copies. While the re-setting in new typography with punctuation makes for a very clear, accurate and highly usable edition, it has to be said that the reproduction of the original woodcut illustrations is not the best. In Chinese.
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