Han Byongsam et al: THE NATIONAL TREASURES OF KOREA 1 - 12. Seoul, 1985. Total 3016 pp. Over 2000 pp. colour plates. B/w text drawings and illustrations. 12 vols. 36x27 cm. Cloth, slipcase.
GBP 400.00
A sumptuous set that covers the whole range of Korean arts from all periods (starting 7000 years ago) registered as National Treasures. The objects are held in museums, collections and sites throughout South Korea. Over 2000 full page colour plates. Plate captions and list of plates to each volume in English. Main text in Korean.
Vol. 1: Metal Works from Ancient Tombs - includes much gold and silver plus bronzes, jades and glass.
c.180 objects shown.
Vol. 2: Gilt-bronze Buddhas and Rock-Carved Buddhas. c.170 objects shown.
Vol. 3: Earthenwares and Celadons. c.160 objects shown.
Vol. 4: Stone Buddhist Statuary. c.180 objects shown.
Vol. 5: Handicraft Art- Gold Buddhist relics, bells, bronze incense burners, bronze drums, assorted other types of bronzes, carved bricks and tiles, sutra covers, masks, furniture, lacquer, embroidery. c.210 objects.
Vol. 6: Pagodas c. 210 examples shown.
Vol. 7: Stone Objects - includes many stupa and stelae. c.245 objects shown.
Vol. 8: White Porcelains and Punchong Wares. c.130 objects shown.
Vol. 9: Architecture of Buddhist Temples. Over 210 examples shown.
Vol. 10: Paintings. Includes mural painting, painting on lacquer and drawings on paper.
Vol. 11: Palace Architecture. c.250 examples shown.
Vol. 12: Calligraphy and Old Books. Includes, amongst others, sutras, poetry, illustrated books, movable type. c.350 objects shown.
Subjects: Art
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