Hebei Provincial Institute of Archaeology et al: CIXIAN WANZHANG BEICHAO BIHUA MU. Cixian Wanzhang Mural Tomb of the Northern Dynasties Period. Beijing, 2003. xi, 303 pp. text plus 64 pp. colour and 52 pp. b/w plates. Numerous b/w text drawings, 1 foldout plate. 27x19 cm. Boards.
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Located in Hebei province, this tomb lies to the north of Yecheng, a capital during the Northern Dynasties. The tomb yielded over 2000 ceramic tomb figurines, other funeral objects and fine murals to the tomb walls. An important discovery here covered in much detail and with numerous illustrations. Two page English abstract. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology Murals
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