Hua Linfu et al: DEGUO PULUSHI WENHUA YICHAN TUSHUGUAN CANG WANQING ZHILI SHANDONG XIANJI YUTU ZHENGLI YU YANJIU. (Documentation and Research into Late Qing Dynasty Maps of Counties and Areas of Zhili and Shandong Provinces in the Collection of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz). Ji'nan, 2015. 10, 4, 529 pp. Numerous full page colour plates. 2 vols. 42x29 cm. Boards.
GBP 400.00
Large, weighty and very interesting two-volume compilation of maps of counties and areas of Shandong province and the then-province of Zhili which comprised today's Hebei province and areas of neighbouring provinces until its dissolution in 1928. Volume One shows 90 maps of Zhili province and Volume Two 55 maps of Shandong province. All illustrated in full page or near full page colour plates and described in detail. The maps held in the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz - the Berlin State Library - and presumably collected by Germans in the late 19th/early 20th centuries when this area, particularly Shandong, was a sphere of German influence and interest. All text in Chinese. Very hard to obtain.
Subjects: Maps and Atlases
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