Hu Zhengyan: SHIZHUZHAI SHUHUA PU. (Painting Album from the Ten Bamboo Studio). Shanghai, 2014. Various paginations. c.80-95 pp. per volume. Single and (predominantly) double page colour illustrations throughout. 8 vols. 28x21 cm. Wrappers.
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Facsimile of the late Ming first edition of the Shizhuzhai Shuhua Pu held in the National Library of China. The illustrations are arranged in eight volumes: 1. Shuhua (exemplars of painting and calligraphy); 2. Mohua (ink flowers); 3. Guopu (fruit manual); 4. Lingmaopu (bird manual); 5. Lanpu (orchid manual); 6. Zhupu (bamboo manual); 7. Meipu (plum manual); 8. Shipu (stones manual). The illustrations are matched with a text or poem on an adjacent opening. A good study reference for this famous work. All text in Chinese.
See: 'Visible Traces' pp. 65-68.
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