Howard, Angela Falco, Li Song, Wu Hung and Yang Hong: CHINESE SCULPTURE. The Culture & Civilization of China. New Haven, 2006. 521 pp. 468 colour and 53 b/w plates. Maps, chronologies. Bibliography, index. 30x23 cm. Cloth.
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Destined to be a standard reference on the subject for some time to come, this comprehensive treatment is divided into two major parts, on secular (tomb and mortuary art) and religious (Buddhist, Confucianist, and Daoist) sculpture. Angela Falco Howard and Li Song provide introductory texts and cover the religious traditions from Han to Southern Song, and Northern Song to Qing, respectively. Wu Hung writes on the secular tradition from Neolithic to the Han, and Yang Hong takes up secular sculpture from Han to the Qing.
Subjects: Sculpture
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