Heine, Wilhelm ed. and trans: DIE EXPEDITION IN DIE SEEN VON CHINA, JAPAN UND OCHOTSK. Unter Commando von Commodore Calw, Ringgold und Commodore John Rodgers. Leipzig, 1858-9. xx, 331 pp. text, frontispiece tinted engraving plus 5 tinted and 2 b/w engraved prints, 2 engraved folding maps; viii, 391 pp. text, frontispiece tinted engraving plus 5 tinted and 2 b/w engravings, 2 maps (one folding); vii, 424 pp. text, frontispiece tinted engraving plus 3 tinted and 4 b/w engravings, 3 folding maps. 3 vols. 25x17 cm. Recent marbled boards.
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Three-volume rebound set of the original German edition. Heine was the official artist attached to the Perry expedition. This work is considered a continuation to his work on the Perry expedition. The three volumes detail the work of the 1853-6 North Pacific Surveying Expedition headed by Commodore Colin Ringgold and, later, Commodore John Rodgers. The Expedition was undertaken at about the same time that Perry undertook his famous visit to Japan. Its purpose was to define safe maritime routings for American shipping to the Far East. Whilst Heine did not accompany this expedition, he viewed it as an important event and edited and translated the account into German. Details the Expedition's journey to Japan, observations on Japan and the Japanese, notes on Kamchatka and the Siberian Far East.
There are a total of 24 pages of fine engraved prints (predominantly full page), of which 16 are tinted and 8 are black-and-white. The plates are mostly engraved by C. Heyn and show scenes of Japanese people and landscapes, plus sites the Expedition visited.
The maps are of particular interest and importance and, in this copy, are in fine clean condition with minimal tears. The first folding map in volume one shows the southern coast of China from Hainan island past Canton and Hong Kong up past Amoy to northern Fujian. It includes the northern Philippines, Taiwan and the southern Japanese islands. The second folding map shows the northern part of China from south of Shanghai up past the Shandong peninsula and round to the Korean peninsula and an anonymous Chinese Tartary. it also includes the Japanese archipelago. Whilst there is detail to the coastal regions on both maps, the interiors of all the countries shown are largely blank - an indication of the limited knowledge at the time. The first map in volume two shows the northern coast of Taiwan - Keelung, the coastline and positions of the main coal mines in the area. The second folding map shows the Pacific with locations and tracks of recent storms. The three maps in volume three comprise: a map of the Pacific showing the distances between major points and the route of the Perry Expedition; the Amur river from its estuary near Sakhalin (which is shown in its majority) upriver into the Siberian wastes; the final map shows the northern Pacific from northern Japan up past Sakhalin and the Kamchatka peninsula past the Bering strait, Alaska and the Aleutians and down the Canadian coast to northern California. This map shows the routes of the various ships.
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