Hansen, Valerie ed: THE SILK ROAD: KEY PAPERS. Part 1: The Pre-Islamic Period. Leiden, 2012. xvii, pp. 1-396; vii, pp. 397-679 . A few b/w text illustrations. 2 vols. 25x18 cm. Boards.
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This is the first of two collections by top scholars on the history of the Silk Road. The focus of this first part is the first milllennium AD when the Silk Road trade was at its height. Most of the detailed entries are organized chronologically and geographically. Sections as follows.
Volume One: Introduction; The Beginnings of the Silk Road; Kushan Empire and Beyond; Kuche, Kumarajiva, and Broader Issues of Translation; Samarkand and the Sogdians.
Volume Two: Turfan; Dunhuang and Khotan; Index.
Copy with slight bumps to top right corner of front cover of both volumes. Perfectly usable and priced accordingly.
Subjects: Trade Textiles
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