Hamel, Hendrick: AN ACCOUNT OF THE SHIPWRECK OF A DUTCH VESSEL ON THE COAST OF THE ISLE OF QUELPAERT. Together with the Description of the Kingdom of Corea: Translated out of French. London, 1704. Title page and pp. 608-632. 32x21 cm. Later boards.
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Extract from Churchill: A Collection of Voyages and Travels. London 1704. Volume 4. This account was originally published in Holland in 1668 and then translated and published in French from which this translation was done. Hamel was shipwrecked in 1653, taken prisoner and later allowed to live a relatively normal life in Korea. He eventually managed to escape to Nagasaki 13 years later in 1666. Hamel was the first westerner to provide a firsthand account of Korea and this is thus the first account in English on Korea.
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