Hu Desheng: GUGONG BOWUYUAN CANG MING QING GONGTING JIAJU DAGUAN. (A Survey of Ming and Qing Court Furniture in the Collection of the Gugong Museum). Beijing, 2006. 723 pp. Colour plates throughout. 2 vols. 29x22 cm. Boards.
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An excellent two-volume work showing 416 examples of Ming and Qing dynasty Chinese furniture used in, and commissioned for, the imperial court. Many of the pieces are unique and, obviously, produced to the highest possible standards of craftsmanship. Includes pieces inlaid with ceramic plaques, jade and hardstones. The furniture ranges from thrones and throne screens to daybeds, chairs, cupboards and stools. Includes lacquer pieces, many zitan examples and many other fine woods. The apogee of craftsmanship and innovation in this furniture came in the mid-Qing period, as can be seen from the numerous fabulous and extraordinary examples. A good number of pieces show European influence and it is possible that some pieces were originally in the Yuanmingyuan European palaces. A total of 416 examples are illustrated (many showing close-up detail) in Volume One with thorough discussion and further illustration in Volume Two. In Chinese. Recommended.
Subjects: Furniture Forbidden City
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