Graham, David C. and others: VARIOUS OFFPRINTS. Chengdu, 1935-37. Various paginations. Typically 10+ pp. per offprint. B/w illustrations. 25x17 cm. Later boards.
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A number of offprints reprinted from the Journal of the West China Border Research Society. Bound together in one volume. Comprises:
Graham: 'The 'White Men's Graves' of Southern Szechwan'; Graham: 'A Late Neolithic Culture in Szechwan Province'; Graham: 'Implements of Prehistoric Man in the West China Union University Museum of Archaeology'; Graham: 'Historic Notes on the P'o Jen (Beh Ren): The Last Group of the Pre-Chinese Thai People to Remain in Szechwan'; Graham: 'An Excavation at Suifu'; Millikin: 'Han Dynasty Remains in Sung Shan'; Dye: 'Some Ancient Circles, Squares, Angles and Curves in Earth and in Stone in Szechwan, China;' Edgar: 'The Barley Quest: Arable Land in Eastern Tibet'.
Subjects: Archaeology
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