Gray, Basil: STUDIES IN CHINESE AND ISLAMIC ART: VOLUME I. London, 1985. 286 pp. 191 illustrations. Notes, index. 24x17 cm. Cloth.
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Collected papers by one of the leading English authorities on Chinese art. This first volume deals with Chinese painting, lacquer and metalwork, and studies on Korean metalwork and inlaid lacquer.
Contents: Chinese Art; Chinese Art as an Expression of Chinese Ideals of Life; The Development of Taste in Chinese Art in the West; Treasures of Chinese Art: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in the People's Republic of China; Sloane and the Kaempfer Collection; Lord Burlington and Father Ripa's Engravings; The Arts of the Ming Dynasty: Painting, Calligraphy and Printing; A Great Taoist Painting; A Medieval Japanese Painting of the Twelfth Century; Chinese Colour Prints from the Ten Bamboo Studio (review); Castiglione, a Jesuit Priest at the Court of the Chinese Emperors (review); The British Museum 'Admonitions Scroll' Attributed to Ku K'ai-chih; Admonitions of the Instructress of the Ladies in the Palace: a Painting attributed to Ku K'ai-chih: The Eumorfopoulos Lacquer Toilet-box; China or D'ong-son; A Bronze Lien from Shih-chia-shan; The Inlaid Metalwork of Korea; Korean Inlaid Lacquer of the Thirteenth Century; Museums of China; Some New Museums of Japan.
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