Gugong Museum ed: GUGONG BOWUYUAN ZAOQI YUAN SHI (1925-1949 NIAN). (The Early History of the Gugong Museum from 1925-1949). Beijing, 2016. 176 pp. Numerous b/w text photographs and illustrations. 24x17 cm. Wrappers.
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Fascinating work on the still relatively little-known early history of the Gugong Museum in Beijing from its establishment in 1925 to the beginning of the Peoples Republic in 1949. Starts with the fire at the Jianfu Gong which led to the expulsion of the eunuchs from the Forbidden City. Followed by the expulsion of Pu Yi and the imperial court in late 1924 and then documents the history of the Museum from 1925 onwards. Includes much on the transportation of the palace treasures from Beijing to elsewhere in China in the 1930s and 1940s. Well-illustrated. In Chinese.
Subjects: Museums Forbidden City
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