Gugong Museum: YUQI. Jadeware I & II. Complete Collection of Treasures Gugong. Shanghai, 2007. 30, 314; 32, 315 pp. A total of 629 pp. colour plates illustrate 601 jade objects. 2 vols. 29x22 cm. Boards.
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A further two (supplementary?) volumes in the series The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum illustrate in fine colour plates and describe a total of 601 superb jade objects in the Gugong collection in Beijing. The first volume shows 332 jades dating from the Neolithic through to the Ming dynasty. The second volume illustrates 269 jades from the Qing dynasty. Many of the jades are from the Qing court collection, the remainder presumably from recent archaeological excavations and donation. Close examination of this work with the three previously-published volumes in this series on jade shows that the majority of the material in these two volumes is new. There is some duplication but these duplicated pieces have been rephotographed and benefit from English captions which the earlier volumes do not have. Titles to each section and captions in English. Main text in Chinese. Only available as a set.
Subjects: Jade
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