Gugong Museum: YUQI 1-3. (Jadeware 1-3). Complete Collection of Treasures Gugong, 40-42. Shanghai, 1996. 28, 292 pp; 29, 290 pp; 27, 283 pp. A total of 865 pp. colour plates illustrate 698 jade objects. 3 vols. 29x22 cm. Boards.
GBP 300.00
Volumes 40-42 in the series The Complete Collection of Treasures of the Palace Museum illustrate in good colour plates and describe in Chinese a total of 698 jade objects in the Gugong collection in Beijing. Volume 40 shows 232 jade objects from the Neolithic period through to the Northern & Southern Dynasties. Volume 41 continues with 222 jades from Sui and Tang periods through to the Ming period. Volume 42 depicts 244 jades from the Qing period. Text in Chinese only. 2006 reprint of the 1996 original. As with all editions of this work, out-of-print and hard to find.
Subjects: Jade
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