Gugong Museum: LIANGZHU YU GUDAI ZHONGGUO: YUQI XIANSHI DE WUQIANNIAN WENMING. (Liangzhu and Ancient China: Jades Manifest 5000 Years of Civilization). Beijing, 2019. 418 pp. Colour plates throughout, many full page. 31x24 cm. Cloth.
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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Gugong Museum in Beijing showing an exceptional selection of 184 Neolithic jades primarily from the Liangzhu culture of eastern China together with, for comparison purposes, a number of jades from other Neolithic cultures elsewhere in China. Then shown are five very early imitations of Liangzhu jades dating from the Shang (3), Warring States and Western Han. The closing section shows 27 wonderful Liangzhu jades that were in the Qing imperial collection and now held in the Gugong Museum. Includes three with inscriptions in the Qianlong Emperor's calligraphy. The final two jades shown are Qing imitations of Liangzhu jade. The 184 Neolithic jades come from numerous museums and institutions mostly in eastern China. All illustrated in colour, many in multiple views and showing close-up detail. Excellent photography. All text in Chinese.
Subjects: Jade
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