Gugong Museum: MING QING YUYAO CIQI: GUGONG BOWUYUAN YU JINGDEZHEN TAOCI KAOGU XIN CHENGGUO ZHAN. The Porcelain of Imperial Kiln in Ming and Qing Dynasties: The New Achievements on Ceramic Archaeology of the Palace Museum and Jingdezhen. Beijing, 2016. 409 pp. Full page colour plates throughout. 29x29 cm. Boards.
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Large catalogue of an exhibition held in the Forbidden City Gugong Palace Museum showing the latest results of archaeological excavations at imperial kiln sites in Jingdezhen and, for the first time, showing and discussing the recent excavation of sherds of porcelains damaged or found unsatisfactory within the Ming and Qing courts and buried at the Nandaku area of the Forbidden City itself.
The Jingdezhen material includes a selection of examples excavated from the 1980s onwards through to 2004 (here shown in excellent new photography) but, more importantly, shows numerous items from excavations undertaken at kiln sites and associated areas in Jingdezhen from 2013 through to the end of 2015. Much Ming material, particularly from the Xuande, Chenghua and Zhengde reigns and including extraordinary and extremely rare examples.
A total of 169 exhibits dating from the Yongle reign of the Ming dynasty through various reigns of the Ming and Qing dynasties to the Republic period of the early 20th century.
The exhibition as a whole sheds light on the commissioning of, and designs for, porcelains undertaken within the Forbidden City, the production processes and quality control at the Jingdezhen imperial kilns and thus the strict standards for selecting ceramics for the imperial court. Also the process and handling of discarded, damaged and unsatisfactory specimens.
The exhibition in seven sections. 1. Production Intention and Official Patterns; 2. The Inscription of Emperor (Imperial Reign Marks); 3. The Firing Technology of Overglaze Porcelain; 4. The Approach to Obsolete (and Rejected) Porcelains from the Imperial Kilns; 5. The Administration and Use of Imperial Porcelain; 6. The Imperial Kilns and the Formation of the 'Porcelain Capital'; 7. The Rebirth of the Imperial Kilns.
All examples illustrated in excellent full page colour plates and in multiple views, including bases and basemarks. Prefaces, lists of contents, lists of plates, brief abstracts to essays and captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Ceramics Archaeology
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