Gugong Museum ed: GUGONG JINGDIAN: QINGGONG SHOU PU. Classics of the Forbidden City: Catalogue of Animals Collected in the Qing Palace. Beijing, 2014. 414 pp. Full page colour plates throughout. 29x29 cm. Boards.
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Large-format publication reproducing a beautiful and unique album ' Shou Pu' (The Album of Beasts) painted between 1750 and 1761 by the court artists Yu Sheng and Zhang Weibang at the command of the Qianlong Emperor who was probably inspired by a similar earlier album showing marine creatures known as the 'Haicuo Tu'. The album is comprised of six volumes, each with 30 paintings. Each painting shows one animal or mythical beast with accompanying description, thus a total of 180 animals and beasts. All reproduced here in good-sized full page colour plates (albeit in a somewhat reduced size to the original work) that allow full appreciation of the images and skill of the painters. The album is held in the collection of the Gugong Museum in Beijing. In Chinese.
Subjects: Painting Natural History
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