Gugong Museum: GUGONG BOWUYUAN CANGPIN DAXI: SHANBEN TECANG BIAN 17: CHEN GONG XIEJING. Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum: Rare Books and Special Archives 17: Sutras Transcribed by Subjects. Beijing, 2014. 284, vi pp. 261 pp. full page colour plates. Small colour text plates. 39x27 cm. Cloth.
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Volume 17 in this fascinating series on the holdings of rare books and archives in the Gugong Palace Museum in Beijing shows 74 wonderful examples of Buddhist sutras transcribed by imperial retainers, ministers and officials. A number with accompanying painted illustrations and a good number endorsed with imperial seals. Reflecting the esteem in which such sutras and their calligraphers were held, they are bound with high-quality silk brocade or fine wood covers, often with silk brocade cases or boxes made and carved to a very high quality. All the sutras and their covers are illustrated in multiple views, the sample pages of text and illustration being shown life-size or near life-size. Two are attributed to the Song dynasty, one is Yuan dynasty transcribed by Zhao Mengfu, six date from the Ming (including one by Dong Qichang and one by Wen Zhengming). The remaining 65 are Qing dynasty, a good number dated to a specific year. Practically all are previously unpublished. All illustrated in fine full page colour plates. Dual texts in Chinese and English.
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