Gugong Museum: GUGONG BOWUYUAN CANGPIN DAXI: SHANBEN TECANG BIAN 15: QING GONG FUSHI TUDANG. Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum: Rare Books and Special Archives 15: Pictorial Archives on the Qing Palace: Textile and Accessories. Beijing, 2014. 315, ix pp. 285 pp. full page colour plates. Small colour text plates. 39x27 cm. Cloth.
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Volume 15 in this excellent series explores the archives of painted designs on paper held in the collection of the Gugong Palace Museum in Beijing relating to Qing dynasty imperial textiles and accessories. Divided into sections: Ceremonial Attire; Auspicious Attire; Informal Attire; Coronets and Tassels; Accessories (Pouches and Bags, Hairpins etc.); Materials for Clothing (illustrations of textile designs); Bedding and Curtains. Includes numerous designs for court robes used by the imperial family and courtiers for formal, ritual and informal occasions together with designs for much associated material, including jewellery designs. A total of 132 designs or groups of designs are shown on the full page colour plates. Practically all this material is previously unpublished and provides a marvellous visual and study reference into the process for the commissioning of textiles and accessories for use within the imperial court. All the illustrations are dated to the Qing dynasty and were drafted and painted within the Imperial Household Department located in the Forbidden City. Near dual texts in Chinese and English.
Subjects: Rare Books Textiles
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