Gugong Museum: GUGONG BOWUYUAN CANGPIN DAXI: DIAOSU BIAN 8: CI SU YU NI SU. Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum: Sculpture 8: Sculptures in Porcelain and Clay. Gugong Bowuyuan Cangpin Daxi. Beijing, 2009. 276 pp. c.230 full page colour plates. Numerous b/w text plates. 38x27 cm. Cloth.
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Volume Eight in a beautifully-produced large format and focussed series on the Chinese sculpture collection of the Gugong Museum in Beijing. This volume shows 181 examples of sculptural figures made from ceramic and fired clay. The objects predominantly date from the Ming and Qing dynasties and include blanc-de-chine, porcelain figurines of Buddhist deities, a few gilded clay figurines etc. Illustrated throughout in high quality colour plates. Dual texts in Chinese and English.
Subjects: Sculpture Ceramics
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