Gao Chunming: ZHONGGUO LIDAI FUSHI WENWU TUDIAN. (An Illustrated Compendium of Cultural Relics Relating to Chinese Clothing Through the Ages). Shanghai, 2019. 1563 pp. Colour plates throughout all 6 volumes, a good number full page. B/w text drawings. 6 vols. 39x28 cm. Boards.
GBP 600.00
Copiously-illustrated large-format six-volume work illustrating Chinese cultural relics associated with clothing and textiles, or which depict clothing and costume and, also, numerous examples of rare survivals of clothing and textiles from across the centuries and dynasties. The artefacts and objects illustrated come from archaeological sites and museum collections across China.
Volume One covers: pre-Qin, Qin, Han, Wei, Jin and the Northern and Southern Kingdoms.
Volume Two: Sui Tang and Five Dynasties.
Volume Three: The Song Dynasty.
Volume Four: Yuan dynasty, Liao, Jin and Xixia Kingdom.
Volume Five: Ming Dynasty.
Volume Six: Qing Dynasty.
Each volume is illustrated throughout with hundreds of interesting objects including tomb figurines, tomb murals, anthropomorphic jades, paintings and of course, fine and rare textiles, costumes, gowns and other items of clothing. Concise but useful descriptions accompany each illustration. Introductions to each volume. A final supplement at the end of Volume Six gives an overview of Chinese costume across the ages.
Produced to a very high standard. Text in Chinese. An excellent visual research reference.
Subjects: Textiles Archaeology
Available, as of: 20/09/2021
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