FEIJIDONGCHE YAO ZUNSHOU JIAOTONG GUIZE & ZUNSHOU GEMING JILU: YANJIN WEIZHANG XINGCHE. (Unmotorized Vehicles Must Observe Traffic Rules & Respect Revolutionary Discipline: It Is Forbidden to Break the Rules Whilst Driving.). Fuyang, n.d. (late 1960s). 2 posters with a number of colour illustrations. 2 vols. 76x52 cm. Paper.
GBP 200.00
An interesting pair of posters produced in the late 1960s for use in the poor and undeveloped Ningxia region in north-west China. As a backward province, the issue of accidents caused by the encounter of motorized vehicles with unmotorized horse-drawn and people-drawn transport was problematic due to the lack of safety awareness from drivers of both forms of transport. These two posters sought to address and improve the issue through simple illustrations and text.
Titles of the two posters:
1. Feijidongche Yao Zunshou Jiaotong Guize - Unmotorized Vehicles Must Observe Traffic Rules.
2. Zunshou Geming Jilu. Yanjin Weizhang Xingche - Respect Revolutionary Discipline. It Is Forbidden to Break the Rules Whilst Driving.
In fine condition. Text in Chinese. Rare. Images available.
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