FIVE CHINESE POSTERS DEPICTING BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN. N.p., n.d. (1970s) & 1980. 5 colour-printed posters. 57x52 cm. Paper.
GBP 150.00
Five posters showing healthy and happy Chinese babies and very young children. Four of the posters just show one child, the fifth depicts two children. Four of the five posters are undated but seems to be mid-late 1970s, one is dated 1980. Probably issued in conjunction with the introduction of the One Child Policy in China in 1978 and pasted up in households to wish for a healthy child.
Of slightly different sizes but the smallest measures 57x52 cm. All text in Chinese. Generally in good condition, the occasional marginal tear. All bear horizontal and vertical creases from being folded. Difficult to find such material. Images available.
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