Fuhrmann, E. & Melchers, B: CHINA. (i) Das Land der Mitte; (ii) Der Tempelbau. Kulturen der Erde, Band IV and V. Hagen, 1921-22. (1) 42 pp. text plus 146 pp. b/w photographs; (2) 47 pp. text plus 121 pp. b/w photographs. 17 plans, some folding. 2 vols. 29x23 cm. Boards.
GBP 250.00
Survey in two parts of China's life and architecture, mainly focused on Shandong province in East China. Volume One shows old photographs of Mount Taishan, the provincial capital Ji'nan, including the now destroyed city walls and other temples, the area around Ji'nan, a few photographs of the palaces of Seoul, then back to Peking, various photographs of architectural sites in and around Peking, a couple of photographs of Chengde/Jehol, 15 photographs of the Longmen caves, 10 photographs of the Yungang grottoes, photographs of various other cave and temple interiors plus photographs of various sculptures and works of art. There are also some street scenes taken at places in Shandong province. Volume two starts with views of various temples in northern China and then focuses on a detailed examination of the interiors of Lingyan Temple located deep in the hills of Shandong, in particular the famous Luohan statues. There are also folding floor plans of various temples. The work distinguishes itself for its many views of little-known sites and areas. In German.
Subjects: Architecture
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