Flow, K: THE CHINESE ENCOUNTER WITH OPIUM. Dreams of Colored Clouds and Orchid Fragrance. Taibei, 2009. 426 pp. Colour plates throughout. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
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Copiously-illustrated and completely fascinating in-depth study of the culture and use of opium in China. This is undoubtedly the best visual reference we have seen on the subject with thousands of objects shown. Includes early photographs of opium smokers, opium dens and poppy fields through to associated advertisements and other illustration, including some erotica. Hundreds of pipe bowls and many, many other paraphernalia and smoking equipment are also illustrated. The work is divided into three main sections: Opium and China; Opium Smoking; Paraphernalia of Opium Smoking. Recommended.
Subjects: Opium
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