Firminger, Walter Kelly ed: THE FIFTH REPORT FROM THE SELECT COMMITTEE OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS ON THE AFFAIRS OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY COMPANY. New York, 1969. 18, cccxxxiv, xvii, 322, 4; xx, 752; xxx, 595, ii, 58, xxxiv pp. Pocket containing 15 tables. 3 vols. 25X16 cm. Cloth.
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From the preface: 'This monumental work was issued by order of Parliament in the year 1812 and is still the standard authority on land tenures and judicial and police systems of British India. It has been known to sell at fabulous prices and is now practically unobtainable at any price... a faithful and unexpurgated verbatim reprint of the original report'. With an historical introduction and copious biographical and topographical notes. Also contains the valuable minute of April 1788 of Sir John Shore, not in the original report. Reprint of the 1917 edition. Scarce and valuable three volume reference on the East India Company. In fine condition.
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