Finsterbusch, Kate: VERZEICHNIS UND MOTIVINDEX DER HAN-DARSTELLUNGEN. (Han Dynasty Representations: Inventory and Index of Motifs). Wiesbaden, 1966-71. I: viii, 278 pp. 1 folding map. II: vii, 24 pp. text. 1180 illustrations on 257 plates. 2 vols. 26x18 cm. Paper and cloth.
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Indispensable (and scarce) work for the specialist on art and material life. Inventory of 1025 murals, low reliefs or tiles dated 80 BC-AD 226. Index of themes represented and illustrations of the pieces themselves. RBS 12-13:501. Text in German. (This is the first art of a work - Band I Text and Band II Abbildungen und Addenda - which was later extended by two further publications.)
Subjects: Archaeology
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