Fang Yulu: FANG SHI MO PU. (The Fang Family Compendium of Ink Cakes). Beijing, 1991. Each vol. c 60 pp. Many illustrations of ink cakes. 6 vols. 32x21 cm. Stitched, silk-case.
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A facsimile reprint of the 1588 original. One of the glories of Ming period book production and illustration, the 'Fangshi Mopu' is a high-quality catalogue reproducing a variety of designs on ink cakes. The patterns were widely copied in other handicraft media (jade, lacquer, wood) both in China and Japan. Fang Yulu (fl. 1570-1619) worked with well-known artists such as Wu Tingyu and Ding Yunpeng to produce designs along with the skilled woodblock carver, Huang Shouyan. In Chinese. Cf. Edgren, 'Chinese Rare Books' p. 29.
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