Ebrey, P. & Bickford, M. ed: EMPEROR HUIZONG AND LATE NORTHERN SONG CHINA. The Politics of Culture and the Culture of Politics. Cambridge, 2006. xvi, 625 pp. plus 9 pp. colour & 22 pp. b/w plates. 23x16 cm. Cloth.
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Huizong was an exceptional emperor and celebrated aesthete who lived through momentous times. He was a famous collector of painting and calligraphy and, indeed, developed his own elegant calligraphic style. He promoted Daoism, wrote poetry and ruled over a period when the Song struggled ineffectively against the Jurchen state of Jin. Huizong was ultimately captured by the Jin and the Song state had to recreate itself in the South in Hangzhou. A study that explores Huizong's reign from many perspectives.
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