DONG TIAN CI YUN: LILING YAO ZHONGGUTANG YUANDAI YIZHI CHUTU CIQI JINGCUI. (A Selection of Yuan Dynasty Ceramics Excavated from the Zhonggu Embankment at the Liling Kiln Site). Beijing, 2019. v, 16, 224 pp. Over 200 pp. colour plates. Colour text illustrations. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
GBP 95.00
Shows the best of the hoard of Yuan dynasty ceramics excavated in 2015 at a site within the remains of the old Liling kiln site in China's Hunan province. A site secondary only perhaps to Jingdezhen in terms of ceramic production in China. A total of 264 objects (or groups of objects) are shown, comprising sherds or reconstructed pieces. In six sections: Qingbai Wares (47); Celadon Wares (38); Wares with Dark Reddish Brown Glaze; Bicolour Glazed Porcelain; Ceramics as Architectural Material; Ceramics as Kiln Furniture and Potter's Tools. A good visual reference for research into Yuan ceramics. Titles to each section and brief captions to plates in English, otherwise Chinese text.
Subjects: Ceramics
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